Making art accessible for kids all over the world by bringing it to THEM!


George & Ilone Kremer have been collecting 17th century old master paintings since 1994, ever since George read an article about an upcoming auction in New York. “As I read I thought: Wow, you can still buy Dutch old master paintings? The idea intrigued me.”

23 years later, the Kremer Collection is one of the world’s foremost private collections in its genre. And this all started with George as a 10 year old boy, visiting the Rijksmuseum with his school. He remembers being completely mesmerized by Rembrandt’s “Jewish Bride” painting. “I even got into trouble because I didn’t stay with the group and they lost me…I didn’t move from that painting for a good 20 minutes before realizing they were gone!”

George & Ilone are on a mission to share their art with as many people as possible and believe art has the unique capacity to make people and kids in particular feel free and empowered. They want as many kids as possible to be able to experience this magical mighty power of the masters, just like George did when he visited the Rijksmuseum that day.

That’s what this program is all about.

Our Mission

The #MIGHTYMASTERS Art Program sets out “To make art universally accessible and fun to as many schoolchildren in the world as possible.”  We want to achieve this by equipping schools around the world with VR technology, so students can enjoy visiting the virtual Kremer Museum with masterpieces from the Kremer Collection and friends, free of charge and without the costly travel.

We hope that many fellow collectors, as well as institutions will join this initiative and help bring great art to as many schoolchildren as possible.


*We want to reach 1 million children aged 6-16 through Mighty Masters by 2020;
*We want one or more hardware suppliers to join us and provide us with the hardware for the selected schools free of charge;
*We want to actively engage major institutional and private collections.


In order to reach our goals, we seek strong local partnerships, all around the world, who are aligned with our goals. In line with this, we are proud to announce that our first partner is the Delivering Change Foundation  in India.

Founded in 2014, the Delivering Change Foundation “helps communities around the world change themselves for the better through their large-scale initiatives.” A message from the DCF founder Abhijit Pawar:

"We want schoolchildren in India to have the same access to inspirational art as kids growing up in New York or Amsterdam"

Delivering Change Foundation


At the moment, The #MIGHTYMASTERS Art Program will be funded by revenues of the Virtual Kremer Museum, as well as private & corporate sponsorships. We are always looking for

  • Operational team members
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Hardware sponsors
  • Corporate sponsors

If you would like to get involved, please contact iwantin@mighty-masters.org

Contact us

Currently joining our platform is exclusive and based on invite only, but since we share your passion we really would like to connect. Leave us a message below, we would love to talk!